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Fruit and Detoxification

Before we tell you more about the detoxification of your body with fruit we talk about stimulants first. Then we discuss detoxification and the slow reaction of your body, it reacts like an oil tanker.


Stimulating your body
A stimulant is a substance that quickly changes a symptom in an unnatural way. Many people in Western society live on stimulation. We use stimulation to make us feel good. If you try to control a symptom with stimulants, the cause of that symptom will remain. The core of a problem will never be solved by using stimulants. The number of stimulants we use is endless. 

We will discuss the most important stimulants in a quick overview.

List of most common stimulants

Refined white sugar
A lot has been written about the detrimental effects of refined white sugar on the body. It is really very bad for you. Inform yourself because a lot of products contain a lot of refined white sugar. Cola for instance, but also ketchup contains a lot. Try to cut down on it by using brown sugars, like cane sugar. 
Sugar has a stimulating effect. If you consume a product full of sugar you get a kick out of it, that's why products that contain a lot of sugar are so attractive. 
Possible substitutes: 
- cane sugar; tastes the same, same kick.
- fruit juices; same kick from natural sugars.

The stimulating effect of caffeine in cola, coffee, tea, and chocolate are well known. 
Substitute for cola: for the caffeine green tea; for the sugar it contains (one 0.2 l. glass contains 3 spoons full of refined sugar) you can drink fruit juices. 
Substitute for coffee:
- Japanese or Chinese green tea. 
Gives the same kick because it contains the caffeine but is less worse because it does not contain the stomach irritating substances.

Diet pills
The stimulation of some diet pills is obvious. A lot of weight loss herbs are stimulatory. Some athletes have even experimented with these to give them more energy during their competitions. How's that for a stimulant? 
You should be very careful or better: do not use them at all. If it is really necessary consult your doctor first.
Substitute: Fruit. 

Fruit is detoxifying and you can eat as much of it as you want. You will lose a lot of weight if you cut down on other nutrition and replace them by fruit.

The nicotine in cigarettes is another well know stimulant. 
- squeeze fruit (kills time);
- carrots.

Some people feel that salt, pepper, and some spices can be stimulating. Did you ever notice that some people seem to require large amounts and others require none? 
- herbal salt.

Red Meat
People feel good and strong right after the consumption of red meat. This is a bit strange because the energy of meat consists of proteins and they take 4 - 6 hours to digest. Therefore the immediate effect must be a stimulant.This effect can be caused by the stimulating elements the meat contains. A well known theory is that when animals are being killed, the animals know that it's about to happen. This activates the production of adrenaline which fuels their blood with fear hormones. These are incredibly stimulating and it is impossible to remove all of them from the meat (and milk). 
Animals are also injected with hormones that can stimulate too.
- fish.

Soft-drugs as hashish and pot stimulate the kidneys and the blood circulation and can't be overdosed but also contain a lot of polluting elements that can cause cancer, like cigarettes. So stay away from them.
Hard drugs are chemical drugs and are extremely stimulative (pills, powders, alcohol). They speak for themselves, the biggest kick, the biggest kick down for health. These stimulants are so aggressive they kill brain cells. An overdose is killing.

Stimulants cannot give the body what it needs. Only natural food can promote a healthy and thus happy physiological function. You could look at it this way: the only natural way to feel good is the one that is a by-product of a normally functioning body that is producing sufficient energy at the cellular level. Any other way to feel good is phony and a result of stimulants, how innocent these stimulants may look.

Your body detoxifies itself all day and for the biggest part during your sleep. Especially until noon it is therefore sensible to eat fruit only. Your body  has to dispose of the toxic elements it receives from stimulants, nutrition and pollution.

If you stop the stimulating of your body with a certain stimulant there is a good chance that the following is the result:

  • an immediate loss of energy;
  • emotional symptoms such as headaches, sickness and depressions.

  • So, if you stop the use of a stimulant you will not feel better right away. It's obvious that these products are really addictive. In some cases if someone improves his eating habits an immediate increase of energy is experienced but the opposite is just as often the result. The body has not only to deal with the moment but also with the problems that have resulted from the past...

    Weight loss
    For example: if someone improves his eating habits (for example eating a lot of fruit or quitting on dairy products) and loses weight, not only does the body have to burn the fat, it also has to cope with toxic waste that is embedded within the fat. So if your body is burning that fat it is very likely that you will feel ill because your body also burns the toxic waste products embedded within that fat.

    If you haven't eaten fruit and vegetables on a regular basis and you start to eat a lot of fruit, your body will detoxify itself first. Even if you don't change your use of stimulants!
    Fruit can be used to help your body detoxify. The best way of doing this is not to eat anything but fruit until noon. Till that time your body is still busy detoxifying from the night before. Now you know why people always drink freshly squeezed orange- or grapefruit juice in the morning.

    The strongest detoxifying effect is caused by the acid fruits. Especially (red) grapefruit and lemons are detoxifying. Citrus fruit is all acid fruit but also tomatoes and pineapples are acid fruits . Squeeze 3 oranges, two mandarins and half a red grapefruit for breakfast. It's the quickest energy supply to wake you up in the morning!

    Be a little-bit careful with the acid fruits when you are ill. Your body is already very busy detoxifying and when stimulating this process it could cause an over-reaction of your body to clean itself even more and could make you even feel worse for that moment. So don't go squeezing 20 oranges to get better.

    If you are really sick and don't want to eat or drink, the best drink is a glass with the juice of half a lemon filled up with boiled water and a bit of cane sugar (not refined white sugar!) Because you only use half a lemon the detoxifying effect is not so strong but your body does receive much vitamin C.

    Don't forget that the human body reacts like an oil-tanker. It is wise not to expect immediate results from changing your eating patterns. Going on a diet is nice for a two weeks holiday at Hawaii beach but won't help you losing weight or make you feel better, healthier and more energetic on the long run.

    Just have fun & five pieces of fruit a day.

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