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Cooking plus complete nutritional analysis
RecipeZaar is the world's smartest cookbook with over 40.000 recipes.
Besides a large recipe database they offer the following tools. The tools are all free to use, as well as the recipe finder.

1) Select Healthy Recipes
Choose 'vegan', 'vegetarian', 'low cholesterol' or other in the 'special diets' category (left on page). Make any other selection and select a recipe you like.

2) Personal Cookbook
Store the recipes of your choice in a personal cookbook.

3) Personal Shopping List
Print the shopping list of the ingredients needed for your recipe(s).

4) Personal Plan
Make a complete nutritional analysis. Select the courses you had and add other items and the computer calculates the nutrition totals for you. As simple as that. Counting-calories-problems belong to the past and making nice and healthy dishes was never so easy!


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  • Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator
  • Burned Calories Calculator
  • Body Fat Estimator
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