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Tangerines, Fruit of the month November
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There are different types of tangerines but  the most well-known
are the Clementine and the Japanese Satsuma. 
The clergyman Pierre Clement crossed a mandarin and an 
orange and the result of this lucky crossing was a seedless mandarin
with a looser skin, making it easier to peel: the Clementine. 
The satsuma is a crossing from Japan.
Some of the best tangerines can easily be selected in the store because they 
have a strong and sweet smell. If you find such tangerines buy them, 
you will not be disappointed.

Tangerines are great fruits to meet your "five pieces of fruit a
day". They're handy 'pocket fruits'.

Tip: squeeze three oranges in the morning, have two tangerines
and a banana during the rest of the day
and you've had your five pieces of 
fresh fruits a day! Not that hard, is it?

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