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Good food categories
  • Fruits and olive oil;
  • Raw Vegetables / Cooked Vegetables;
  • Grains and Pasta;
  • Nuts & Seeds;
  • Unrefined sugars (often brown).


- Acid Fruit

oranges - pineapples - sour apples - sour plums - lemons - grapefruits - sour peaches - limes - tangerines - sour grapes - tomatoes

These are the most detoxifying fruits and excellent foods. They should be avoided when you have the flu because the body could overreact detoxifying and make you even more sick.

Some people may have problems with these fruits because of their acid content. The acid though is a healthy and organic nutritional element (for instance: ascorbic acid is vitamin c, found especially in citrus fruits and vegetables). 

Sometimes one type of fruit from this category can irritate a particular part of the body. This can be caused by an allergic reaction caused by cow milk. There is a good chance that after staying away from dairy this reaction disappears.

- Low-acid Fruit

apricots - blueberries - huckleberries - strawberries - nectarines - raspberriesblackberries - gooseberries - mangos - elderberries - olives - fresh figs - sweet apples - cherries- sweet peaches - sweet plums - persimmons

These fruits are less detoxifying than acid fruits and can be handled well in any amount.

- Sweet Fruit

dates - sweet grapes - pears - prunes - raisins - dried figs

Rehydrate dried fruit by soaking it overnight in a jar of water.

- Melons

watermelons - cantaloupes - honey dew - galia

Are like all other fruits excellent food. What's very special about watermelons is that they contain as much iron as spinach. Eat as much of them as you like.

- Starchy Fruit

bananas - peanuts - pumpkins - winter squashes

Don't eat more than one banana a day if you gain weight easily.

- Non-starchy Fruit

cucumber - sweet pepper - zucchini - egg plant - yellow squash

- Protein containing Fruit

olives - avocadoes

Extremely healthy fruit. Olives and avocadoes contain a lot of different nutritious elements and even scientists don't know what they exactly contain!
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- Olive oil
Olive oil is very healthy. Use olive oil from today on instead of animal based fat. If you don't want to use olive oil use a different plant based oil. If you still want to use butter use real butter and not margarine.   olives and olive oil

After fruit the most important of all foods. Along with fruits, vegetables are the only right nutrition for the human body. Vegetables contain amino acids and antioxidants in forms that do not occur in other foods. You can eat unlimited amounts. Vegetables are most nutritious when eaten raw. They are especially important to eat for their protein contents. We don't offer more information about vegetables because this is a fruit site.
For more information on fruits vegetables click here.

- Non-Starchy (usually green) Vegetables

alfalfa sprouts - asparagus - bamboo sprouts - beet greens - broccoli - cabbage - celery chard - Brussels sprouts - chive - collards - dandelion greens - endive - garlic - green beans - kale - leeks - lettuce - mustard greens - okra - onions - parsley - radishes - rhubarb - scallions - spinach - wax beans - turnips - watercress - turnip greens

- Mildly Starchy Vegetables

carrots -  green peas - rutabagas - cauliflower - beets

- Starchy Vegetables

corn -  dried beans - artichokes - potatoes

- Protein containing Vegetables

dried beans - dried peas - soybeans - lentils

Grains consist of equal amounts of starch and protein. 

pasta - organic whole wheat - brown rice - spelt - millet - oats - rye - barley

Nuts and seeds are a good source of protein. Nuts are always best when eaten raw right out of their shell. Nuts are an excellent source of rare amino acids that are destroyed in cooked protein. Seeds are a good source of essential minerals and beneficial oils. As with nuts, do not overeat. 

- Nuts

almonds - Brazil nuts - pecans - filberts

- Seeds

sesame - pumpkin - sunflower

It is very important to use natural, unrefined, often brown sugars instead of white sugars or sweetners. To digest refined white sugar your body has to use a lot of energy and it works as a stimulant. Sweeteners make you crave for sugar about 30 minutes after consumption so you end up robbing the cookie jar. Unrefined brown sugars are natural and provide you with energy.

brown sugar - cane sugar

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