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Citrus paradisi
Family: Rutaceae

Description & storage
Large round yellow citrus fruit with acid juicy flesh.
Store them at 12 degrees Celcius (=57o F) or if you like in the refrigerator. 

Grapefruit trees can grow up to 15m.

Short history
The grapefruit is supposed to be a young citrus sort that has grown out of a crossing between a pummelo and an orange. You can also see it as an improved pummelo.

Grapefruits are eaten raw and are often used for. Also marmalade is made out of it. 

Types of the grapefruit family

  • White grapefruits;
  • Red grapefruits, sweeter then white grapefruits;
  • Pummelo, the father of the grapefruit;
  • Minneola, A crossing between a tangarine and a grapefruit and can be recognized by 

  •    "the little nose". See also oranges. Can be peeled by hand.
  • Sweeties, are a crossing between the pummelo and the grapefruit. Looks like a green grapefruit and tastes sweeter.
  •     white grapefruit

        red grapefruit




    Peculiar characteristics

  • Grapefruits can have a negative effect on medication and the Seville orange may interact the same way with some medicines. So if you are taking medicines replace these fruits by other citrus. Clementines for instance. You can read more about this subject at: Grapefruit juice drug interactions faq.
  • Red grapefruits taste a bit sweeter than yellow grapefruits;
  • Grapefruits contain much vitamin C;
  • The pummelo is the largest citrus fruit.
  • Buy Grapefruits.
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  • Recommended links
    For information about the different types of grapefruit from Florida: Information about the different cultivars and harvest of citrus fruit. All the information about the Pummelo, also called Pomelo or Shaddock, can be found at the web site of

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