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Citrus aurantifolia
Family: Rutaceae

Citrus limon
Family: Rutaceae

Description & storage
Oval yellow/green fruit with acidic juice used for drinks and flavoring.
Store them at 12 degrees Celcius (=57o F) or if you like in the refrigerator. This is nice when you use them for squeezing.

The strongly detoxifying juice of lemons is often drank hot or cold mixed with water and some sugar.

The lemon tree grows up to 6m;
The rough lemon grows on a small tree like a shrub;
The lime tree grows up to 4m. high;
The leech lime or papeda tree grows up to 12m. high.

Short history
While the lemon's origin is supposed to be North India or Birma limes are originally from Malaysia.


Rough Lemon
The rough-lemon is a lemon with a rough skin. It is mostly cultivated in the tropics. The fruits are round and a bit bigger then lemons. They are used in the same way as lemons.

Lime (Djeroek nipis)
The lime is one of the most cultivated citrus fruits in the tropics. Limes are shaped like lemons, but they smaller and more acid.

Leech Lime (Papeda, Djeroek poeroet)
Are a bit bigger then limes and have a wart-like skin.

Are like limes but smaller.

Peculiar characteristics

  • The limes and family are the most detoxifying fruits of all existing fruits. If you want to clean your body you could squeeze some limes or lemons with your orange-juice.
  • Squeeze ½ a lime in your fruit drink. This freshens up your fruit drink and makes it a sparkling fruit juice.
  • The juice of leech-limes is said to scare away evil spirits in Malaysia;
  • For somebody who is ill a glass of boiled water with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of brown or cane sugar will taste great.
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