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  • Round fruit with firm juicy flesh and green, red or yellow skin when ripe.
  • Apples contain a lot of fibers.
  • Don't eat wagonloads of appleseeds, each one contains a little bit of cyanide. This is done by the tree in order to spread its seeds. Our bodies and those of animals will more likely excrete the seeds and not digest them when they are a little toxic. The toxic is not digested but you should be careful with the consumption of crushed seeds.
  • The vitamin C content of apples depends on what kind of apple it is. Most sorts contain a lot of vitamin C.
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  • Apricot

  • Round stone-fruit with soft flesh, related to the plum and peach. It is  orange-yellow when ripe.
  • Contains a lot of vitamin A and kalium.
  • Apricots have to be picked when ripe and need to be eaten immediately, you can't store them fresh. Therefore a lot of jam is made out of apricots and are they dried or frozen often.
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