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Fresh figs are
extremely healthy!
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Ficus carica
Family: Moraceae

Description & storage
Fig: soft sweet fruit, full of small seeds and often eaten dried.
Fresh figs are delicious and often jam and chutney is made from them.
The skin of figs is very thin and ripe figs can't be kept or transported very well. As figs have to be picked when ripe you only can eat them fresh in the country of origin. 
In the warm countries the figs are dried for export and storage.

Tree / shrub
The fig tree/shrub grows upto 9m x 7m.

Short histotory
Figs are originally from small Asia and are one of the first fruits cultivated ever. The Greek mention them and around 60 A.C. and Plato promoted the fig as being the nutrition for athletes. A story is known of the Greek government that had forbidden all export of figs once to assure themselves a good outcome at The Olympic Games. The Greek knew about twenty nine fig sorts. Officially figs were imported to Europe around 1600. Today there are more than 600 different fig types.

Figs taste best consumed "warm" from the tree. They are dried often because they can't be stored. 

Types and family
There are over 600 fig cultivars.

Other peculiar characteristics

  • A lot of fig plant races are used decoratively: like the rubberplant and the ficus benjamina;
  • Dried figs contain a lot of sugar, about 60%. It is thought that that was the reason why Plato advised Greek athletes to eat many figs.
  • The white juice that drips out of the fruit if the the stalk has been broken off is called latex. It was supposed to represent the universal energy and was used as a remedy against infertility and to incite the breast feeding process.
  • Each fig cultivar has different shaped leafs;
  • Dried figs consist for about 60% of sugar, contain a lot of vitamins and it is said that humans could live on figs alone. It is a very healthy fruit and you can consume as much of them as you like.
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  • For more information about figs visit the Valley Fig Growers Homepage.

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